Virginia Peninsula Announce ALL STAR teams for 2012 / 2013


The Virginia Peninsula USBC Bowling Association is proud to announce the All Star Teams for the 2012 / 2013.This year we find some new names making their way on the teams.

The Male All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Chris Bolosan with a 233.20 average
Troy D. McKinney with a 232.86 average
Ricky Boyters with a 230.72 average
Joey Wetzler with a 230.48 average
Jonathan Gary with a 230.04 average

The Male Senior All-Star Team for 2012-2013

William E. Tenan, Jr.  with a 219.75 average
Terry Earnhardt with a 218.61 average
Gregory Tschupp with a 217.01 average
Richard “Jay” Coons with a 213.62 average
Eddite Blunt with a 213.24 average

The Female All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Dawn Campbell with a 205.00 average
Brandee Dineen with a 204.89 average
Rene Brubaker with a 203.99 average
Cindi Kruschke with a 203.40 average
Hannah Harris with a 200.97 average

The Female Senior All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Vivian O. Blunt with a 196.28 average
Edith A. Perrin with a 173.50 average
Bridgette Drake with a 172.05 average
Kathy Tenan with a 171.60 average
Jacqueline McCarthy with a 171.03 average

The Male Youth All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Dawson Maier with a 210.20 average
Wilton Holloway with a 199.05 average
Jared Wenner with a 193.53 average
Benjamin Cash with a 193.35 average
John Gaddis with a 192.35 average

The Female Youth All-Star Team for 2012-2013 

Cassidy Blackmore with a 161.12 average
Teylor Boyd with a 154.61 average
Lindsay Thompson with a 150.33 average
Chelsea Sczuroski with a 149.52 average
Marissa Sheets with a 149.79 average

Congratulations to all of our All Stars on their outstanding performance in the 2012 / 2013 season and we look forward to seeing them on the lanes in 2013 / 2014.
How to become a VPUSBC ALL STAR


About Virginia Peninsula USBC

The Virginia Peninsula USBC welcomes all Bowlers in the Greater Virginia Peninsula Area. Serving the Bowlers in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Poquoson, York Co., James City Co, Gloucester Co, Mathews Co. and Lancaster Co.
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