Virginia Peninsula Announce ALL STAR teams for 2012 / 2013


The Virginia Peninsula USBC Bowling Association is proud to announce the All Star Teams for the 2012 / 2013.This year we find some new names making their way on the teams.

The Male All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Chris Bolosan with a 233.20 average
Troy D. McKinney with a 232.86 average
Ricky Boyters with a 230.72 average
Joey Wetzler with a 230.48 average
Jonathan Gary with a 230.04 average

The Male Senior All-Star Team for 2012-2013

William E. Tenan, Jr.  with a 219.75 average
Terry Earnhardt with a 218.61 average
Gregory Tschupp with a 217.01 average
Richard “Jay” Coons with a 213.62 average
Eddite Blunt with a 213.24 average

The Female All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Dawn Campbell with a 205.00 average
Brandee Dineen with a 204.89 average
Rene Brubaker with a 203.99 average
Cindi Kruschke with a 203.40 average
Hannah Harris with a 200.97 average

The Female Senior All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Vivian O. Blunt with a 196.28 average
Edith A. Perrin with a 173.50 average
Bridgette Drake with a 172.05 average
Kathy Tenan with a 171.60 average
Jacqueline McCarthy with a 171.03 average

The Male Youth All-Star Team for 2012-2013

Dawson Maier with a 210.20 average
Wilton Holloway with a 199.05 average
Jared Wenner with a 193.53 average
Benjamin Cash with a 193.35 average
John Gaddis with a 192.35 average

The Female Youth All-Star Team for 2012-2013 

Cassidy Blackmore with a 161.12 average
Teylor Boyd with a 154.61 average
Lindsay Thompson with a 150.33 average
Chelsea Sczuroski with a 149.52 average
Marissa Sheets with a 149.79 average

Congratulations to all of our All Stars on their outstanding performance in the 2012 / 2013 season and we look forward to seeing them on the lanes in 2013 / 2014.
How to become a VPUSBC ALL STAR


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