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The 2017-2018 Virginia Peninsula USBC All-Star Teams have bhall_starseen determined and we are pleased to announce the following members skills on the lanes have earned them a place in the record book as a member of the 2017-2018 Virginia Peninsula USBC All-Star Teams..

Our Adult All Stars must bowl a total of not less than 150 games in two different bowling centers in Virginia Peninsula USBC certified league play with at least 75 games being bowled in each center and attained one of the five highest composite averages in winter league as of June 1st of preceding year attaining the average certified leagues whose team playing strength is three or more members.




MALES Under 50:                                           FEMALES Under 50:
BRANDON SMITH 241                                     BECCA GLAZIER 215
RICKY BOYTERS 235                                         JENNIFER COOK 187
PAUL TRANBARGER 233                                 RENEE MEREDITH 186.3
DEREK RETAN 231                                           JERYLYNE PHILLIPS 186.1
TERRANCE WHITE 227                                   ERIKA MYERS 173


SENIOR MALES (50-64):                               SENIOR FEMALES (50-64): 
T J McKINNEY 239                                           RENEE BRUBAKER 194
TERRY EARNHARDT 227                                JOY CHAPPELL 190
RANDY WOJCIK 221                                        LAURIE SHEETZ 178
RONNIE PACK 219                                           SHERRIE HANNAH 177
DAVE POWERS 215                                          TRISH BESHURES 174


SUPER SR MALES +65:                                  SUPER SR FEMALES +65                            
DOC BROWNELL 225                                      BRIGITTE DRAKE 175
ED TENAN 221                                                 KAREN SAUNDERS 174
BARRY SPROUSE SR 220                                 PEGGY LANE 171
GREG TSCHUPP 219                                        KAY TSCHUPP 169
DAVID SMITH JR 217                                       JOAN HAYNIE 168
 YOUTH MALES:                                                YOUTH FEMALES:
JUSTIN MEYERS 222                                          MORGAN COOPER 200
SAM CALLENDER 205                                       PENEETA WOJCIK 170
TIM GLAZIER 200                                              CAITLYN HUGGARD 166
DUSTIN MAYER 196                                          ANNABELLE KING 161
AUSTIN SERIO 189                                            SKYLAR TENAN 157