2018 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Tournament

Great bowling by the Virginia Peninsula  Youth at the 2018 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Tournament .

Overall, $19,963 in scholarship awards have been awarded in this year’s tournament, the following VPUSBC Youth Bowlers earned  Scholarship awards:

BOYS UNDER 8   Scratch    2nd Place  Nathan Tate  ( AMF York)

BOYS UNDER 10  Scratch   6th Place  Chase Glazier  (Sparetimes)

GIRLS UNDER 15 HANDICAP  8th Place  Kailyn Austin,  ( AMF York)

BOYS  UNDER 15  HANDICAP    5th Place   Jaccob Hines   (AMF York)

GIRLS  UNDER 20 Scratch  3rd Place  Morgan Cooper   ( AMF York)

GIRLS  UNDER 20  HANDICAP   3rd Place Lorann Thompson   (Sparetime)

BOYS  UNDER 20 8th Place  Sam Callender    (AMF York)

7th Place  Tommy Meyer   (Sparetime)
8th Place Sam Callender   (AMF York)
14th Place  Tucker Gummo  (AMF York)

Standings include scholarship awards as noted in the standings for each division. Scholarship awards will be sent to the USBC SMART program. Bowlers receiving a scholarship award will also be receiving a confirmation letter from Ken Sprigings.

2018 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Results