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2017 VPUSBC Seniors Tournament

The 2017 VPUSBC Seniors Tournament held December  2nd and 3rd of 2017 at Village Lanes in Gloucester Va .


Congratulation to  Gary Lockhart having a stellar performance at this years Seniors Tournament, Gary placing in Team, Doubles and ALL Events  and rolling a 300 game during the Tournament  and  Frank Bodon rolled  his 1st 700 series, performance like this shows our Seniors Tournament will be competitive for years to come.


Team Handicap James Belflore, Gary Lockhart, Wayne Bigbie and Earl Peterson, out of North in Mathews County, put on a good performance to take the number 1 position with a total score of 2915. In second place Jerry Weber, Henrietta Chandler, Denise and Steven Seber (2856).


Open Doubles Handicap James Belflore and Gary Lockhart again had some outstanding Bowling with a combined score of 1575, Ed Beshures and Mike Spellman, second, with 1557, third Jay Murry and David Littlefield (1519).

Women’s Doubles Handicap Barbara Johnson and Stacy Calhoun of Hampton took first place with a combined score of 1385 and in second Christine Saunders and Brenda Hubbard (1358) and third  the combo of Zicopula “Noy” Huajeng and Brigitte drake with 1309. Zicopula “Noy” Huajeng also placed first in the Women’s Singles Handicaps 60-69 division.

The Open Single 50-59 Handicap is always an event of interest every year of the tournament, this year Gary Lockhart of  top the list with a score of 865 , second place Open Single 50-59 Handicap division Frank Bodon of Williamsburg  (794). third place Sonchai “Tom” Ballowe of Yorktown (767)and fourth Jody Puhlman of Newport News (744).


Open Singles Handicaps 60-69 in first place with 790 out of Salude Va Steven Seber, second place  Sam Smith (747), third place Greg Tschupp (714) and fourth place Mac Balod (694) all from Hampton.

Our “Super Seniors” Open Singles Handicap 70 to age 99  Patti Lomele and Marve Goff tied with 756 to share first place.  Jerry Webber  with a score of 750 and not far behind James Cadwell with 746.

The Women’s Open Singles Handicap 70 to age 99 was hotly contested also with Brigitte Darke (691) beating Diane Linger (690) by one pin and Shirley Perdue third (663)

The 79 to 99 age division was the most competitive division with a spare here or there would have changed the results, this shows how strong a field of bowler Seniors Bowlers VPUSBC can field in an event – great bowling!!

ALL EVENTS, this one of my favorite divisions as it shows how well a bowler performed during the events, again hats off to Gary Lockhart of North Va placing first in the Open All EVENTS age 50 -59 Handicap, Gary had a “career” tournament shoot a combined 1648 to place, second James Belfore (1524). Mile Spellman third (1477)  and fifth David Littlefield (1440).

Open All EVENTS age 60 – 69 Handicap in first place with a total score of 1483 Ed Beshures, second is one pin down Steven Seber (1482), third Sam Smith (1423), fourth Phillip Massengill Sr (1404).

Open All EVENTS age 70 – 99 Handicap  James Owens (1541), second place Marve – Goff (1477), third Earl Peterson (1472) and fourth James Linger (1460).

Women’s All EVENTS age 50 – 59 Handicap Stacy Calhoun (758) second place Christine Saunders (655), Women’s All EVENTS age 60 – 69 Handicap first place Huajeng “Noy” Zicopula  1182 and second Brenda Hubbard and

Women’s All EVENTS age 70 – 99 Handicap Brigitte Drake (1383) second place Shirley Perdue (1356) third place Diane Linger (1289).

We would be remiss if we did not mention what a great job Village lanes did, great shot and the new lanes were excellent, it seems our center always go above and beyond for our tournaments and bowlers!

Virginia Peninsula USBC Bowling Association thanks all our Seniors who participated and if you did not compete we encourage you to enter next year.