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2014 Virginia State USBC Annual Meeting

Virginia State USBC Annual Meeting Elections – 2014va_state1_70

The 2014 Virginia State USBC Annual Meeting will be held on May 3, 2014 at the Holiday lnn Tanglewood, located at 4468 Starkey Rd in Roanoke, VA.

Below is a listing of the positions subject for election and the current incumbent. These positions will be for a three year term.


Position                             Incumbent                  Local Association
1st Vice President            Anne Ray                     VA Peninsula USBC
Director# 5                       Mary-Ann Keyes        Appomattox River USBC
Director # 6                      Sheila Hick                 Greater Roanoke USBC
Director # 7                      Don Kendrick             Henry County USBC BA
Director # 8*                   Wayne Ripley             VA Peninsula USBC
Director # 9*                   Darlene Parsons         Danville USBC

*This position will be elected by the VA State Youth Representatives.

*Also, in order to be an officer (1st Vice President’s
position) you must have been on the State Board for at least one year.

Two delegates and two alternates will need to be elected to attend the 2015 USBC Annual Meeting (dates/locations not available at this time). These positions would be for a one year term.


A candidate for the Board (elected or appointed) must be:

1. A USBC member in good standing of the association at the time of election and throughout their term.

2. Elected or appointed without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability, national origin, or age, other than the minimum age of 14 (unless state laws mandate a specific age) and be reasonably representative of the membership.

a. Any member of the Board authorized to sign contracts or acting as a signatory on association Accounts must be a minimum age of 18.

b. At least 20% of the Board must be represented by youth and elected by the Youth delegates and officers and directors who hold youth membership.

c. A maximum of three bowling center proprietors may serve on the Board at one time.
A proprietor is an individual who is the owner, partner, or corporate officer of a bowling center or group of bowling centers. Excluded from the definition of proprietor is an individual who owns 25Yo or less of the equity shares, or who is inactive in the management of the bowling center and remains so during a term as an officer or

Additional eligibility requirements, if any, are to be approved by the delegates representing Adults, Youth Delegates and Board.


If interested in applying for a position on the Virginia State USBC Board please download and submit the following form: VIRGINIA_STATE_USBC_Board_of_Director_Candidate_Form.pdf

Applicant applying for an Adult Director’s position should send their applications to:

(Applicants need to send a copy of their application to each committee member.)

Vickie Rengers, 6476 Scandia Ct., Sandston , VA 23150 (Chairman)

Glenda Elliott, 298 River Ridge Road , Danville , VA 24054

Troy Manuel, 5581 Colonial Hwy. , Evington , VA 24550

Jim Brooks, 234 Anne Drive , Newport News , VA 23601

Larry Gonzales, 10616 Thome Drive , Ft. Washington , MD 20744

Applicants applying for a Youth Directors position should send their application to:

Anne Ray, 6-I Tamarisk Quay, Hampton , VA 23666


VPUSBC Local Awards Reminder

The following information is for awards given by the Virginia Peninsula USBC Bowling Association.

The awards offered through VPUSBC include:

Patches for: Triplicate Score, All Spare, Dutch 200, 7 – 10 Split ,Big 4 and Clean Sweep (no open frames in a 3 game series)

Pins Over Average (POA):
Adults Lapel Pin (Game) and Key Ring (Series)

160 & below average 75 POA 100 POA
161 & above average 100 POA 150 POA

Miniature Bowling Pins and Balls for “Pins Over Average” (Youth)

Polo Shirts for 1st 700 series in this association, regardless of average.

NOTE: All awards are limited to one award per category per season except for the 700 series shirts which are limited to one shirt per lifetime. For the 700 series, previous (HRUSBCBA, HUSBCWBA & PAUSBCY) recipients are not eligible for the 700 series award; however, they may purchase a shirt if desired.

vpusbc_v4_smBowlers  if you roll any of the above awards be-sure to tell your Team Captain so they can advise your League Secretary or Youth  Coach.


League Secretary and Youth  Coaches Reminders:

 Print legibly.

 Please do not use two sided copies of the form.

 Submit your awards in a timely manner. Please do not wait months before submitting.

 Include your name, phone number, league name, e-mail address and bowling center name on the form.

 Check the yearbook before submitting an award for a 700 series.

 Check your math to ensure the bowler qualifies for a “pins over average” award.

 When your league nears completion please note on the form the date the award is need by.

If you have a question please call or e-mail me.

Please submit all awards (Local and National) to:
Wayne Ripley, 3777 Raymond Walker Road, Hayes, VA 23072 or,
E-mail to: or
Phone: (804) 815-6338

You can submit Local Awards using the online form at the Association Website:

Wayne Ripley – Awards Committee