top-6William “Bill” Glazier, Rebecca Glazier, Chris Bolosan and Josh Garner (Hampton VA) had a stellar event taking first place in Team Handicap (2,972) and Scratch (2,957) and   second in Doubles Scratch 1,365, William “Bill” Glazier first place Singles Handicap 773 and Singles Scratch 771, All Events Handicap Bill placed first with a 2,205 total.

In All Events, Scratch William “Bill” Glazier and Rebecca Glazier cam in one- two the scores of 2,199 and 2,103.

Team Handicap Michael Miltner, Mark Schram, Jeremy Abbott and Russell Abbott (Just Do It!) out of Charles City, VA captured second place in Team Handicap with a score of 2911. finishing in third was William “Bill” Garner, David Blau, Lance Lezotte and Josh Garner (2,737) and they also cam in second in Scratch Team event with a score of 2,594.

Doubles Handicap first place was Whitney B Coulson and Tim Sheffler  of Yorktown (1,551), Second place Tanner D Bragg and Steven M Torres from Hampton (1,497) and third place Marcos A Santana-Mojica and Brandon Beasley out of Charles City with 1,412.

Doubles Scratch first place Robert L Broadney and Ira T Tate from Yorktown (1,411), second place William “Bill” Glazier and Rebecca Glazier, Hampton (1365) and third Russell A Anderson and Terrance L White (1,335)

Singles Handicap
First place William “Bill” Glazier (773) Second place Glen B Bragg from Norfolk (761) and third Jonathan M Rice Yorktown (749)


Singles Scratch
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (771)
Second Place – Ira T Tate (736)
Third Place – RicMcNeill (713)

Singles Handicap
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (773)
Second Place – Glen B Bragg (761)
Third Place – Jonathan M Rice (749)


All Events Scratch
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (2199)
Second Place – Rebecca Glazier (2103)
Third Place – Ira T Tate (2102)


All Events Handicap
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (2,205)
Second Place – Steven M Torres (2,196)
Third Place – Tim P Sheffler (2,174)

Complete results can be found here:

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