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2014 Hall of Fame Inductees



The VPUSBC is proud to announce our 2014 inductees to the Hall of Fame. Being inducted for bowling performance are William “Bill” Glazier IV, and Rich Brewer. Being inducted for meritorious service is Judy Golightly.

bowling_pin_2_coloring_book_colouring-555pxGlazier has bowled since he was a young boy starting out at the old Newmarket Lanes. He bowled at houses across the Peninsula and is currently part owner of Century Lanes in Hampton.


He has been a member of the association All Star team in 2011-12, male bowler of the year that same season, and holds the men’s  VPUSBC all time high average for a season with a 241 for the 2011-12 season. On December 12, 2013 Glazier bowled an 858 series. He’s bowled numerous high scores over the years. He also owns X-Treme Performance Pro Shop located inside Century Lanes.

bowling_pin_2_coloring_book_colouring-555pxBrewer has also been a bowler since he was a young boy and a member of our association for almost 30 years. His bowling achievements include being the first person to bowl an 800 (825) series at Fairlanes/Hidenwood.


He is has won numerous awards locally and on the state level. On December 28, 1994 he had an amazing night of bowling with an 811 series for his first three games of a doubles league and finished off the night with a 300 game for a record 1,111 series for four games. In 1996 Brewer shot the first 800 in the Hampton Roads Bowling Assn Open city tournament and combined with his doubles partner Richard Avery for a 1573 scratch doubles score. That record high score remains unbeaten today. He has had 11 800 series and more than 20 300 series.

bowling_pin_2_coloring_book_colouring-555pxGolightly has been a name and face that many association bowlers recognize and remember for her longtime commitment to the sport. She has been involved in bowling since the mid- 1970s when her son wanted to bowl. During her time volunteering with youth bowlers the owner of Newmarket Bowl in Newport News hired her to become the League Coordinator.


She will readily admit her priority is youth bowlers, but she also looked out for the adult bowlers in the area (many who are former youth bowlers!)
She was encouraging the to bowlers and always looking for opportunities to let them learn more about the sport and participate in tournaments across the state. She has had an impact on the youth bowlers she mentored with many of them becoming members of the Hall of Fame themselves or members of the All Star teams. She, too, has been a bowler and is member of the Virginia Queens and the Virginia 600 club.





2013 – 2014 Virginia Peninsula USBC All Stars

all_stars The All Star Teams recognize the top bowlers for the Association. There are six All Star Teams, each team will be comprised of the top five bowlers in that category and the teams are Adult Males, Adult Females, Seniors Male, Seniors Females, Youth Male and Youth Females.

The ALL STARS will be presented their awards along with Bowler(s) of the Year, Coach of the Year,Al Watlet Meritorious Service Award and this years Hall of Fame Inductees at the annual VPUSBC Awards Ceremony  at the Magnuson Hotel and Convention Center in Newport News, VA. on November 8, 2014, ticket are on sale from a member of the Board of Directors or  your Center Representative price of $35 per person.

Our Adult All Stars must bowl a total of not less than 150 games in two different bowling centers in Virginia Peninsula USBC certified league play with at least 75 games being bowled in each center and attained one of the five highest composite averages in winter league as of June 1st of preceding year attaining the average certified leagues whose team playing strength is three or more members.
If you notice some positions on the All Star Teams are decided by a mear 10th of a pin showing how competitive our Association bowlers are.

The Adult All Stars for 2013 – 2014 are:


Chris Bolosan  – 234
T.J. McKinney – 231
Jonathan Gary – 230
Michael Butts – 229
Brian Franklin – 228.9


Rebecca Glazier – 206
Cindy Kruschke – 201
Dawn Campbell – 199
Kelly Manahl – 192.8
Cheryl Fensom – 192.7

vpusbc_v4_smOur VPUSBC Senior All Star Teams must be 55 years of age as of August 1st of the year the composite average is taken (i.e. August 1st 2010 to be considered for the 2010-2011 Seniors All Stars), Bowl a total of not less than 132 games in two different centers in Virginia Peninsula USBC certified League lay with at least 66 games bowled in each center while attaining one of the five highest composite averages in Winter League as of June 1st of the preceding year in a certified leagues whose team playing strength is three or more members.

The VPUSBC Seniors All Stars for 2013 – 2014 are:



Gil Brown – 220
Terry Earnhardt –  219
Joe Corbett –  216
Greg Tschupp –  213.8
William (Ed) Tenan –  213.7


Renee Brubaker – 199
Vivian Blunt – 193
Brigette Drake – 175
Edith Perrin –  170
Jacqueline McCarthy  – 166

NewUSBCYouthLogo_clrThe VPUSBC Youth All Stars must be a Youth member of the VPUSBC as of August 1st of the year the highest average is taken have bowled a total of not less than 2/3 of the scheduled games in a certified youth league from a bowling center in the Virginia Peninsula USBC certified league play of at least 16 sessions and attained one of the five highest averages in winter leagues as of June 1st of the preceding year.
The Youth Girls was a real fight for position with only 4 pins separating 1st to 5th position, great job ladies and we look forward to seeing all of you advance in your skill level over the next few years!

This year’s YOUTH All Stars for 2013 – 2014 are:


Dawson Maier – 210
Wilton Holloway –  202.3
Marcus Silas – 202.2
Jared Wenner – 196
Justin Meyers – 194.13

Alissa Adickes – 154
Brooklyn Splitt – 153.7
Chelsea Sczuroski – 153.1
Teyler Boyd – 152
Morgan Cooper – 150

The Virginia Peninsula USBC would like to congratulate all our ALL STAR TEAM member’s for and excellent 2013 -2014 season and look forward to the battle for the All Star teams as this new season progresses.