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19th Annual Virginia Peninsula USBC Seniors Tournament

VPUSBC_SRThe 19th Annual Virginia Peninsula USBC Seniors Handicap Tournament was held at Sparetime on December 5th and 6th 2015.

Starting with the Team division in 1st place were the “First Timers”, Louis Armstrong, Ross Griffin,Tom Blount and Mark Parks, with a total score of 2868 and 21 pins back in second place “Century Lanes #2” (2847) Mickey York, Michael Spellman,Harold Gonzales and Donald Summers.

The Open Doubles event Davis Smith Jr. and Jeffrey Thompson teamed together to roll and impressive 1558 with second place Louis Armstrong and Ross Griffin with a total of 1506.

Competition was tight in the Open Singles 50 to 59 age VPUSBC_LARGE_200division with Louis Armstrong coming out on top with 756 total pin fall, second Mark Parks (754) John Banicky (744) and Tarcie Milloy (730).

Open Singles 60 to 69 age division we find Sam Smith in first place with 773, second Frank Garner (769) Bobby Winfree Sr (760) and Warren Kitts (748).

Open Singles 70 to 99 age division was a fight for first place with just nine pins determining first place, Fred Mullins came out on top with 749,Ann Ambler second with 740, third Frank Simmons third (708). The 70 to 99 Division was our largest with 29 bowlers competing.

All Events 50 to 59 Division was really a shoot out with Louis Armstrong (1460) first place, Jeffery Thompson (1450) second, Michael Spellman (1445) third and fourth Kevin Morris (1440).

All Events 60 to 69 Division Frank Garner came out on top with 1504, second Sam Smith (1450), third Arthur Reynolds third (1419) and fourth Michael Brown (1413).

All Events 70 to 99 Division Fred Mullins first (1485) Barry Sprouse second (1462), Cecile Holmes third (1450) and fourth Wallace Grainer (1435).


The Women’s Team event Team #2 came in first  place, members Sharon Davis, Donna Caldwell, Holley Grasz and Rena Souza with a score of 2729.

The Women’s Double event found Barbara Johnson and Stacy Calhoun rolling 1452 with Donna Caldwell and Holly Myers in second place.

Women Singles 50 to 59 Division first place Sharon Davis (705) Second Donna Caldwell (686 and third Vicky Schmidt (677).

Women Singles 60 to 69 Division first place Grace Urbanowicz 761 and in the Women’s Singles 70 to 99 Division Barbara Johnson first place (710 and Mary Rauch second (606).


50 to 59 Division first place Donna Caldwell (1357) second Renna Souza (1334) and third Vickey Schmidt (1319).In the 60 to 69 Division Grace Urbanowicz (1347) and the 70 to 99 Division Barbara Johnson frist place (1421) and second Mary Rauch (1264).

Complete official results and payout