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Bowl for the Cure 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament

cure_newlogo_smallThe 2015 Virginia Peninsula USBC Bowling Association Bowl for the Cure 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament with 91 Bowlers participating was a huge success, we raised just over $1300.00 for Bowl for the Cure, and this is not counting league contributions which are still coming. in.

A recap of winners follows

High Series:IMG_20150221_151117_558
Men Ira Tate Jr. 900
Women Anne Tate 730
Youth Logan Ballowe 769 

High Game:

1st Ira Tate Jr.
2nd Adam Davis IMG_20150221_150719_628
3rd Tyler Hazelgrove

Most Natural Strikes:

Men Ira Tate Jr. 27

No-Tap Strikes

Men Gary Allred 15
Women Anne Tate 16, Gladys Baker 16
Youth Donavan Larsen 17, Austin Serio 13 , Juan Beckenridge 17

Most Spares:

Men Joe Branson 10 

Most Splits:

Men Ricky Wade 7
Women Faye Smith 10 Lolita Scott 10 Dreama Fitzpatrick 10
Youth Jacob Nunn 8 Kevin Goodstein 6

Most 7-Pin/10-Pin:

Men Gary Weedon 9 Most 5 Pin: Donald Allhouse 3
Women Faye Smith 8 Pat Thornton 3
Faye Smith 3 Shawanta Young-Williams 3
Youth Sam Callender 4 Logan Ballowe 2  Jack Lagonegro 2

300 Game:

300 Game: Ira Tate Jr. (3), Juan Breckonridge, Logan Ballowe, Fred Williams, Adam Davis, Tyler Hazelgrove