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VPUSBC Bowlers Excel at Virginia State USBC 62nd Annual Open Championship Tournament

Virginia State USBC  62nd Annual  Open Tournament

The 2014 Virginia State USBC  Open Championship Tournament was hosted by the Greater Richmond USBC with the Team events at AMF Hanover Lva_state1_70anes, Mechanicsville VA and Double & Singles events at AMF Shrader Lanes, Richmond, VA from May 17 through June 15, 2014


Highlights from the tournament were in the  Scratch Doubles  with the VPUSBC members coming in 1st, 2nd and 4th place with John Minnick  from York and Vernon Griffin  out of the Tidewater USBC,teaming up to roll a combined total scratch of 1472 to take 1st with  Russell Anderson from Hampton and Michael Heath  from Chesapeake 20 pins back with 1,452  for second and Sara DiScioscia and Chris Bolosan  not far behind  them with a total of 1,434 for fourth place just 14 sticks from making it a 1-2-3 finish, just amazing bowling!


Virginia Peninsula USBC bowlers racked up a Hat Trick of 2ndbowler_male places in Team Events and had a strong showing starting with Scratch Team in 2nd place  Mc’Corveys Bowling World ,  Russell Anderson,  Michael Heath,  Chris “Anyway” Hayes,  Jason Hice, and  Terrance White  with the team average of 226.93  for a total pin-fall of  3,404 pins.

Regular Team 901 and Up, Handicapped 2nd Place Hampton One made up of  VPUSBC bowlers William J. Hammond Jr., Robert Maker, Keith Hare, Emrett Gray and Nat Braxton  with a total handicap score of  3747  just 14 pins short of first, VPUSBC team Star Maker 5 came in 19th place.

Classic Team 900 and Below, Handicapped in 2nd  Place Hampton Two with Curtis McLean, James L. Williams Jr., Alonzo Marshall, Fritz Jones and
Roger Winston scored   3,697 with handicap ,  23 pins out of first place. Filling out the top 20 in the Classic division from Virginia Peninsula, tied for 18th Couch Potatoes and 20th Aches & Pains.

It’s safe to say that Hampton One & Two are bowling  friends and that’s how we all should go to Tournaments!

Regular Doubles – 361 and Up Handicap John Minnick and his partner Vernon Griffin (1,547)  came in 8th Place and not far behind in 10th place Cecil H. Holmes and Jerry K Brown just 5 pins behind them with 1542.


In the Handicap Classic All Events 180 and Below in 8th Place David McAbee rolled a combined with handicap 2,346 and in the Scratch All Events  Michael Heath in 5th place with 2,183 and Vernon Griffin 11th with 2,116.


In Scratch Singles Greg Tschupp rolled a solid  770 series to take  4th Place just 26 pins out of first place and  in Handicap Classic Singles 180 and Below  placing third   David McAbee with  at total with handicap of 873.



Virginia State USBC 2014 Open Tournament Standings


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I AM A BOWLER – Kendall De Jong


KendallDeJong115x140   The Virginia Peninsula USBC and its members would like to congratulate Kendall De Jong of Chesapeake, Va for being selected to the Dexter USBC All-American Team.

Her bowling team took second at the Virginia State High School Bowling All-Star Championships, she was the only girl selected to the all-tournament team, a National Honor Society member, all-district chorus selection the last two years and won several awards in DECA competition attending Grassfield High School.

In March of this year Kendall was one of five to receive the Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship. The Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship is presented in honor of the legendary bowling professional who was dedicated to helping youth bowlers. The International Bowling Campus Youth Committee determines the recipients, and each award winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship.

Member of  Governor’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy,  taken AP courses in english, government and history. She has received several academic awards and placed in the top 10 for business plans at the DECA Virginia State competition.

Kendall has  volunteered at the Rock ‘N Roll Mini-Marathon Run to benefit Wounded Warriors, Laps for Lymphoma fundraising event and the Girl Scouts of America  and a  member of the Model United Nations.DexterLogo465x262(1)

A bowler since age 4, she competes in several leagues and has earned numerous high-average awards.

This year’s selections mark the ninth year Dexter has named a high school All-American team. Student-athletes, who are nominated by their coach or athletic director, must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade-point average, based on a 4.0 scale, and had to provide a letter of recommendation and a 500-word essay.

Each student-athlete will receive a $1,000 scholarship for being named to the team and will be recognized at this year’s Junior Gold Championships in Buffalo, N.Y., in July.

Ten bowlers, five boys and five girls, were selected for the 2013-2014 Dexter/USBC High School All-American Team.

Congratulations to Kendall and others selected to the the Dexter USBC All-American Team.




I AM A BOWLER – The White House Bowling Alley & Bowling Presidents


 The White House Bowling Alley & Bowling Presidents


The White House Bowling AlleyHarry Truman Bowling Alley White House

The White House Bowling Alley is a one-lane bowling alley in the basement of the White House under the North Portico.

Bowling lanes were first built in the ground floor of the West Wing as a birthday gift for President Truman in 1947 (in the location of the present-day Situation Room); Truman didn’t care for bowling himself, but allowed staff to start a league. These were moved to the Old Executive Office Building in 1955 to make way for a mimeograph room.

In 1969, President and Mrs. Nixon, both avid bowlers, had a new one-lane alley built (paid for by friends) in an underground workspace area below the driveway leading to the North Portico.

bill-clinton_bowlingMore than 4,100 have been granted access to the White House to visit the presidential lanes in the Executive Office Building since Obama took office, according to visitor logs released by the administrations.

In May 2011 alone 230 bowlers were cleared by the Secret Service to try their hands at strikes and spares. The two-lanes appears to have been used every day of that month except five.

By comparison, only 60 visitors to the White House since 2009 came to use the presidential basketball court, records show.


Bowling at Camp David

clinto_bowlPresident Eisenhower installed a two-lane bowling alley in the Hickory Lodge.

When Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev met with President Eisenhower at Camp David in 1959, he wanted to see the bowling alley.

Khrushchev was more interested in the automatic pinsetter than in bowling a game.

President Nixon liked bowling at Camp David.He believed that bowling helped relieve backaches and improved his vision and muscle coordination.

Chelsea Clinton and a “busload of friends” celebrated her 16th birthday at Camp David. After a birthday dinner in the Laurel Lodge, they went over to Hickory to watch movies and go bowling.

President Obama bowled at Camp David the weekend prior to his birthday in August, 2009. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reported that he bowled a 144 including three strikes and a nine in the last four frames.


President Harry S. Truman

33rd President   (1945–1953)


President Truman officially opens the first White House bowling alley on Apr 25, 1947. The two-lane bowling alley, situated in the West Wing, had been constructed earlier that year.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, a group of Truman’s fellow Missourians funded the construction of the bowling alley in honor of the president. They had intended to open the alley as part of Truman’s 63rd birthday celebration on May 8, but construction was completed ahead of schedule. Truman’s favorite pastime was poker and although he had not bowled since he was a teenager, he gamely hoisted the first ball, knocking down 7 out of 10 pins. One of the pins is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

Truman did not use the alley much himself, but supported a group of White House employees in forming a White House Bowling League in 1950. Teams included Secret Service agents, household staff, secretaries, switchboard operators and groundskeepers. The teams competed in tournaments across the country; many opponents were surprised to discover that the players were from the real White House.



President Richard Milhous Nixon
37th President  (1969-1974)

Richard Milhous Nixon was an avid bowler. Nixon bowled frequently, both in the Executive Office Building and at the bowling alley at Camp David, a two lane facility.

Nixon preferred bowling to golf because it could be done quickly in the gaps in his schedule. According to the Washington Post’s July 21, 1970 edition, Nixon’s average was a closely guarded state secret but purportedly was in the range of 165-200.nixon_bowling

Nixon’s high score was a pretty impressive 232.

Jonathan Roscoe of the Nixon Library said a box of his old bowling scores from Oct. 18, 1969, were recently discovered. That particular day, the president rolled six games against his friend and confidant Charles Gregory “Bebe” Rebozo while vacationing at Camp David, finishing with scores of 160, 177, 114, 134, 153, and 115. Naval Aide Adm. Charles R. Larson sent Nixon’s secretary a memo with the bowling scores attached three days later.

According to a sign that used to be on the White House tour, Nixon once bowled back-to-back 300 games at the White House’s bowling alley, then again, we know Dick lied about things, and Mr President that’s a foul !


President Barack Obama

Is it even possible for a grown man to bowl a 37?

Obama_2008_Spoh-718996Granted, President Obama rolled only seven frames at the Pleasant Valley Lanes in Altoona, Pa. during a campaign stop in 2008.

But his ludicrously low 37 will hardly scored him points with the blue-collar voters he was trying to impress.

Reported it was the first time he had stepped into a bowling alley since the late 1970s. After throwing an initial gutter ball, and then knocking down just four pins with his second ball, Mr. Obama couldn’t help sheepishly declaring, “My economic plan is better than my bowling.”

“It has to be!” a man yelled.

A left-hander, Mr. Obama failed to bowl a single strike; several lanes away, a man wearing a T-shirt that said “Beer Hunter” fell on his backside as he bowled and still managed to throw a strike.


Now we can’t forget another soon to be President , George W Bush…



New VPUSBC Association Manager Announced


Beverly_HamrickThe Virginia Peninsula USBC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Beverly Hamrick has been hired as our new Association Manager effective July 1, 2014.

Hamrick has been involved in bowling for many years and has previously been the league coordinator and office assistant at Sparetimes Bowling Center from 1985-2005. She retired from Bell Atlantic (Verizon) with more than 30 years administrative experience.

Her experience and organizational skills in bowling and office will be a great addition to our Association and the Board is happy to welcome her!



I AM A BOWLER June 9th, 2014


Jerome Bettis

University of Notre Dame

Debuted in 1993 for the Los Angeles Rams
Last played in 2006 for the Pittsburgh Steelers


Steelers’ former running back  was known for knocking down defenders as if he was  a bowling ball hitting flush pocket when he played, but he loved knocking down pins almost as much.


When Jerome Bettis was younger, he didn’t want to play football. He wanted to be a pro bowler. When other kids would go to football games, he would go to bowling tournament, at age 14 he was diagnosed with asthma.

He never thought about playing football until middle school. He got his nickname “the bus” in college.

The life-long bowler recently brought his love of both sports together when he hosted “Bowl with The Bus” at Latitude 40, in Pittsburgh, a charity event benefiting the Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation.

The event benefited Bettis’ foundation, with money raised going toward programs for Pittsburgh youth including computer-engineering, asthma awareness and mentor-ship programs.

Bettis is owner of the PBA League’s Motown Muscle.



I’M A BOWLER – May 2014


Larry DeLucas

Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (1972)
Master of Science degree in Chemistry (1974)
Bachelor of Science degree in Physiological Optics (1979)
Doctorate in Optometry (1981)
Doctorate in Biochemistry (1982)
Payload Specialist STS-50 of the Space Shuttle Columbia  (June 25-July 9, 1992)


James “Larry” DeLucas  was a member of the crew ofLarry_d Space Shuttle Columbia for STS-50 (June 25-July 9, 1992), the United States Microgravity Laboratory-1 (USML-1) Spacelab mission. Over a two-week period, the crew conducted a wide variety of experiments relating to materials processing and fluid physics. At mission conclusion, DeLucas had traveled over 5.7 million miles in 221 Earth orbits, and had logged over 331 hours in space.


On the Lanes with Larry DeLucas

Credit USBC Communications

DeLucas, a 63-year-old right-hander, had a similar feeling the first time he walked down Center Aisle at the Open Championships, and that’s what has kept him coming back.

“The first time I came to the Open, I could not believe it,” said DeLucas, who picked up the sport about 15 years ago after his son, Robert, started bowling collegiately at Vanderbilt University. “I’m not that great of a bowler, but when we walked out and the music was playing, it was a neat feeling, and that’s why I keep coming back. It’s just a lot of fun.”