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 top-6William “Bill” Glazier, Rebecca Glazier, Chris Bolosan and Josh Garner (Hampton VA) had a stellar event taking first place in Team Handicap (2,972) and Scratch (2,957) and   second in Doubles Scratch 1,365, William “Bill” Glazier first place Singles Handicap 773 and Singles Scratch 771, All Events Handicap Bill placed first with a 2,205 total.

In All Events, Scratch William “Bill” Glazier and Rebecca Glazier cam in one- two the scores of 2,199 and 2,103.

Team Handicap Michael Miltner, Mark Schram, Jeremy Abbott and Russell Abbott (Just Do It!) out of Charles City, VA captured second place in Team Handicap with a score of 2911. finishing in third was William “Bill” Garner, David Blau, Lance Lezotte and Josh Garner (2,737) and they also cam in second in Scratch Team event with a score of 2,594.

Doubles Handicap first place was Whitney B Coulson and Tim Sheffler  of Yorktown (1,551), Second place Tanner D Bragg and Steven M Torres from Hampton (1,497) and third place Marcos A Santana-Mojica and Brandon Beasley out of Charles City with 1,412.

Doubles Scratch first place Robert L Broadney and Ira T Tate from Yorktown (1,411), second place William “Bill” Glazier and Rebecca Glazier, Hampton (1365) and third Russell A Anderson and Terrance L White (1,335)

Singles Handicap
First place William “Bill” Glazier (773) Second place Glen B Bragg from Norfolk (761) and third Jonathan M Rice Yorktown (749)


Singles Scratch
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (771)
Second Place – Ira T Tate (736)
Third Place – RicMcNeill (713)

Singles Handicap
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (773)
Second Place – Glen B Bragg (761)
Third Place – Jonathan M Rice (749)


All Events Scratch
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (2199)
Second Place – Rebecca Glazier (2103)
Third Place – Ira T Tate (2102)


All Events Handicap
First Place – William “Bill” Glazier (2,205)
Second Place – Steven M Torres (2,196)
Third Place – Tim P Sheffler (2,174)

Complete results can be found here:

Click to access 2018_open_results.pdf





2018 64th Annual VPUSBC Women’s City Tournament

Virginia Peninsula USBC 64th Annual VPUSBC Women’s City Tournament

The annual Women’s City Tournament was held at Century lanes in Hampton May 5th-6th and  19th-20th, 2018 skipping Mother’s Day weekend with some of the finest women bowler in Southeast Virginia participating.

Team, Division 1, Handicapped

First  place Zondra Le Alexander,Beverly L Boyd, Catherine A. Jones and Abbie  Hill from Hampton top the division with a total score of 2599.

Second place team also from Hampton with Nikki  Boyters,  Jerylyne Phillips, Jessica Overton and Candi Culbreth (2,553) they also placed first in the Team Scratch division(2,277) and finished first  through fourth in All Events, Scratch with Candi Culbreth  number one (1,783) , Nikki  Boyters  second (1,633), Jessica Overton third (1,627) and Jerylyne  Phillips fourth (1,543).

Third place in Division 1, Handicapped from Smithfield was Melody Daniel, Lana Ketch, Lawanda Smith and  Lula Harrell with a total score of 2,522


Team, Division 2, Handicapped

First  Place Amie Adams, Donna “Coco” Caldwell, April A. Eastwood and Denise Hatchett from Yorktown scoring  2,677.

Second Place team scoring 2,640 was Laura Favata, Beverly Hamrick, Cynthia Bennett and Carrie J Newman and filling out the top three with a score of 2,633 were  Renee B Williams, Stacy Calhoun,  Brenda  Hubbard and   Adele  Dudley.

This team also did very well in the Doubles, Division 2, Handicapped with a one two placing with the team of Renee B Williams and Stacy Calhoun placing first (1,451) and  Brenda  Hubbard and Adele  Dudley second just 43 pins behind them with 1408. Add to that in All Events, Division 2, Handicapped  Stacy came in first with 2,120 and Adele second with 2055 pins to round out a great performance at the Tournament.


Singles, Division 1, Handicapped

Mary  Younger, Hampton, with a score of 728 took the honors of first place, Huajeng “Noy” Zicopula  second (675) and third Jerylyne N  Phillips with 669.


Singles, Division 2, Handicapped

First place Lynne Schofield from Yorhtown with a  total score of 735, second Beverly Hamrick (718) and third Adele Dudley with 705.


All Events, Division 1, Handicapped

First place Anne C. Tate with a great combined score of 20136, second place Nikki Boyters (1981) and rounding out the top three Mary Younger with a total score of 1951.


For complete results please visit the Virginia Peninsula website at and click on the tournament tab at the top.



2018 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Tournament

Great bowling by the Virginia Peninsula  Youth at the 2018 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Tournament .

Overall, $19,963 in scholarship awards have been awarded in this year’s tournament, the following VPUSBC Youth Bowlers earned  Scholarship awards:

BOYS UNDER 8   Scratch    2nd Place  Nathan Tate  ( AMF York)

BOYS UNDER 10  Scratch   6th Place  Chase Glazier  (Sparetimes)

GIRLS UNDER 15 HANDICAP  8th Place  Kailyn Austin,  ( AMF York)

BOYS  UNDER 15  HANDICAP    5th Place   Jaccob Hines   (AMF York)

GIRLS  UNDER 20 Scratch  3rd Place  Morgan Cooper   ( AMF York)

GIRLS  UNDER 20  HANDICAP   3rd Place Lorann Thompson   (Sparetime)

BOYS  UNDER 20 8th Place  Sam Callender    (AMF York)

7th Place  Tommy Meyer   (Sparetime)
8th Place Sam Callender   (AMF York)
14th Place  Tucker Gummo  (AMF York)

Standings include scholarship awards as noted in the standings for each division. Scholarship awards will be sent to the USBC SMART program. Bowlers receiving a scholarship award will also be receiving a confirmation letter from Ken Sprigings.

2018 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Results