1st Annual Virginia Peninsula USBC Tournament of League Champions

The 1st Annual Association Tournament of League Champions was held at AMF YORK Sunday June 11th beforetolc3 the Open Membership Meeting held at AMF YORK.

And would you believe a YOUTH league Championship team took 1st place in the Step Ladder finials , the  STRIKERS from Village Lanes with Siani Sheppard , Collin White, Timothy Martin and  Daniel Manning came out on top beating Team Ibuprofen  Sparetimes  Scott Hall, George Lawton, Gil Brown and Hal Noyes

image3  STRIKERS Village Lanes :

Siani Sheppard , Collin White, Timothy Martin and Daniel Manning

Second  Team Ibuprofen  Sparetimes

Scott Hall, George Lawton, Gil Brown and Hal Noyes


Third Place Bad News Bowlers: AMF York 

Geoffrey Hudson, Jaylon Lee, Joshua Mullen and Tyrese Ruff



Fourth Place DHD: VillageLanes

Herman Booker, David Pollard, Don Talbott and David Via  


9Fifth Place Century Lanes :

Chad Boyette, Danny Arnett, Brandon Cash and Becca Glazier 


We would like to thank the League Champion teams who entered and look forward to next year and even more entries.





2017 VPUSBC 54th Annual Youth Tournament

Jason_Curtis2The 54th Annual VPUSBC Youth City Tournament was huge success with over $4000 in Scholarships awards plus Jason Curtis of Langley put his name in the record book by bowling the first 300 game in VIRGINIA PENINSULA USBC Youth Tournament history and it was his first perfect game  also. Congratulations! • Video



Team, Division 1 Avg 520 and Up, Handicapped
York Youth 1 with teammates Dylan Dresler, Holt Shideler, Morgan E Cooper and Justin C Meyers came in first place with a total score of 2,944, York Youth 8 second place with 2918 and third Justin’s Angels 2905.


Team, Division 2 Avg 0-519, Handicapped
York Youth 2 with an outstanding score of 3,138 with Aaron R Sylvia, Nathan T Tate, Blake M Howe, and William O’Flynn on the team. Second place went to Strike Force with a total of 3,052 and a close third was Super Strikers 3,044.


Doubles, DiIMG_20170319_134518573.jpgvision 1 Avg 260 and Up, Handicapped
1st place Trayvon A Williams and Kristina D Snyder (1,623), 2nd place Christopher L Williams and Cameron R Griggs, (1,556) and again a close race in 3rd just two pin back William O’Flynn and Blake M Howe, (1,554).



Doubles, Division 2 Avg 0-259, Handicapped
Jamie Curtis and Naijhyl Sneed rolling a nice combined score of 1,570 to take first place, 2nd place Lester J Richardson and Shane A Richardson just Fifteen pins back with 1,555 and ten pins back in 3rd place Aiden M Bain and Barry Smith with a combined score of 1,545.



Peewee Bumper Bowlers, Handicapped
Emily Melanson, (left)   with a total score of 377, lead the field of Bumper Bowlers to take 1st place, with Kate Thibault in second place (351), Lauryn Favata came in thrid just four pins behind (347( and Alex Chocklett (337) filled the fourth position and in fifth Sophia Tranbarger (329).


Singles, Avg 130 and Up, Handicapped
This division was tight, great battle of pitfall, First place was Michael R Nowell with a great score of 837, second place Jason L Curtis (819) three pins back in third Kristina D Snyder (816), fourth Raymond J Root just two pins off (814) and tied for fifth was Timothy J Glazier and Aurelien L Lucasaldridge both scoring 803.


Singles, Avg 0-129, Handicapped
First place Torri K Clarke (849), second Daniel J Manning (821) and third Alania M Griffith (817).


Singles, Scratch Singles Avg 130 Up

Jackson A Guthrie , pictured left, took first place with a Scratch score of 728 with Timothy J Glazier in second place just six pin back bowling his highest series of 722 at City Tournament, third place Justin C Meyers (694) fourth place Morgan E Cooper (631) and in fifth place Austin L Serio (551).


Singles 129 and Below, Scratch
First place Kassie L Hoyt 303, second place Brooke A Byrd (267) and in third place Morgan Everts (164)




All Events, 130 and Up, Handicapped
Coming in first place was Kimberly Wisser, pictured right, rolling an excellent combined score of 2,451 with second place Kristina D Snyder (2,425) and in third place was William O’Flynn (2,370), fouth place Owen C Harris (2,358) and fifth Cameron R Griggs (2,302)



All Events, 129 and Below, Handicapped
All Events was a shoot out with scores so close a spare could make the difference in positions. In first place Daniel J Manning (2,447), pictured left, second Naijhyl Sneed (2,376), this is the battle ,third Michael Jones (2,343). fourth 0ne pin back Torri K Clarke and Alania M Griffith(2,342)and another one pin difference with fifth place going to Shane A Richardson (2,341).



• Final Standings • Scholarships Winners

2015 -2016 Awards Dinner



The 2015 / 2016 Virginia Peninsula USBC Bowling Association Annual Awards Dinner was held on November 5th, 2016 at Paradise Ocean Club at Ft. Monroe.

The evening started out with a Social hour from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M. with the dinner starting at 7 P.M. with awards presentations starting shortly after.


            2015 / 2016 AWARDS PRESENTED     

terri-sykesjeffgaddis             m_b_pan



Joylene Chappell 
The child of bowling parents, Joy has been bowling most of her life. She has numerous achievements including being named to the VPUSBC Women’s All Star team with a 189.54 composite average. She has been a familiar face in local, state and national tournaments and bowled her first 300 in 2001.

She has claimed high average in numerous leagues with her highest average a 209. She has also bowled many 700 series and won the women’s state doubles and all events categories in 2001. She believes that bowling is not only about performance but also style and sportsmanship.



William “Sam” Smith

Meritorious Service 

Sam has been bowling for nearly 30 years and has served on the Hampton Roads Bowling Association and also the Virginia Peninsula USBC board. His passion for the sport and his knowledge of web design made it a natural progression for Sam to become the webmaster and designer for the local association page. He is instrumental in getting news to the local newspaper and spends many hours each week updating the website and Facebook page.

He’s also an accomplished bowler and is a member of the 700 club and has bowled a 299 in 2006 and a 300 game in 2004. He has been honored with the Al Watlet Service Award (2012-13) and the Charles W. Woods Jr Award of Merit in 2007-08.




                              Association High Average
Male Ricky Boyter 242.66            Female Sara DiScioscia 219.87

Association High Series
Male Stephen Bennett 858              Female Kris Butz 777

   The Virginia Peninsula USBC ALL STAR TEAMS for the 2015 – 2016


1. Rebecca Glazier 204.52

2. Kristina Butz 193.50

3. Karen Shuler 192.25

4. Susan Glazier 190.80

5. Grace Cash 188.75


1. Ricky Boyters 236.82

2. Chris Bolosan 235.22

3. Troy J. McKinney 233.93

4. Derek Retan 233.78

5. Michael B. Smith 233.50


1. Renee Brubaker 202.72

2. Joy Chappell 189.54

3. Catherine Jones 175.98

4. Laurie Sheetz 175.88

5. Theresa Milloy 173.48


1.Terry Earnhardt 223.77

2. Nate Firman 219.43

3. Greg Tschupp 213.75

4. Cleve Dye III 209.44

5. William F. Tenan Jr. 208.04


1. Brigette Drake 173

2. Peggy Lane 170

3. Barbara Ford 165

4. Jackie McCarthy 164.92

5. Joan Haynie 164.63


1. Barry Sprouse Sr. 217

2. David Smith 216

3. Robert Kulenguski 215

4. Fred Mullins 211

5. Emrett Gray 209


1. Morgan Cooper 185.80

2. Teyler Boyd 165.41

3. Alissa Adickes 163.18

4. Peneeta Wojcik 161.98

5. Tacoma Mendelsohn 152.00


1. Dawson Maier 224.40

2. Justin Meyers 215.23

3. Shawn Stacy 215.01

4. Juan Breckenridge 207.22

5. Triston Sadles 206.47

2015-2016 VPUSBC All-Stars

The 2015-2016 Virginia Peninsula USBC All-Star Teams hasall_stars been determined and we are pleased to announce the following members skills on the lanes have earned them a place in the record book as a member of the 2015-2016 Virginia Peninsula USBC All-Star Teams, one of the top bowlers in an association of 3000+ USBC members.

ADULTS: WOMEN                                             ADULTS: MEN
1. Rebecca Glazier 204.52                                 1. Ricky Boyters 236.82
2. Kristina Butz 193.50                                      2. Chris Bolosan 235.22
3. Karen Shuler 192.25                                       3. Troy J. McKinney 233.93
4. Susan Glazier 190.80                                     4. Derek Retan 233.78
5. Grace Cash 188.75                                           5. Michael B. Smith 233.50


SENIORS:  WOMEN                                         SENIORS:  MEN 
1. Renee Brubaker 202.72                                       1.Terry Earnhardt 223.77
2. Joy Chappell 189.54                                             2. Nate Firman 219.43
3. Catherine Jones 175.98                                       3. Greg Tschupp 213.75
4. Laurie Sheetz 175.88                                           4. Cleve Dye III 209.44
5. Theresa Milloy 173.48                                         5. William F. Tenan Jr. 208.04

SUPER SENIORS: WOMEN                            SUPER SENIORS:  MEN  
1. Brigette Drake 173                                                1. Barry Sprouse Sr. 217
2. Peggy Lane 170                                                     2. David Smith 216
3. Barbara Ford 165                                                  3. Robert Kulenguski 215
4. Jackie McCarthy 164.92                                      4. Fred Mullins 211
5. Joan Haynie 164.63                                             5. Emrett Gray 209

YOUTH:  GIRLS                                                   YOUTH:  BOYS
1. Morgan Cooper 185.80                                           1. Dawson Maier 224.40
2. Teyler Boyd 165.41                                                  2. Justin Meyers 215.23
3. Alissa Adickes 163.18                                              3. Shawn Stacy 215.01
4. Peneeta Wojcik 161.98                                           4. Juan Breckenridge 207.22
5. Tacoma Mendelsohn 152.00                                5. Triston Sadles 206.47

Congratulations to all of our 2014 – 2015 ALL STARS!!




2016 Virginia State USBC 64th Annual Open Tournament

The 2016 Virginia State USBC 64th Annual Open Tournament was held in South Boston and Danville  Virginia from April 30th to June 12th 2016. Virginia Peninsula USBC was well represented at the State Open Tournament with several of our bowlers placing very well.


McCorvey’s Bowling World #1  with teammates Russell Anderson (277-214-247 for 738), Chris Hayes (300-191-221 for a 712) Jason Hice (211-223-181 for 615), Michael Heath (217-239-249 for 705) and Terrance White (269-245-232 for 746) for a series total of 3516 in Scratch Team.


300Congratulations  to Chris Hayes rolling a perfect score of 300 in game one of  Scratch Team at the  Va State Open Tournament.


Michael Heath and Russell Anderson also came in first place in the Scratch Doubles with 1,476. Scratch Singles Russell and Michael  tied for 10th with 747 series. Russell Anderson also rolled an 11 in a row 298 game one of Scratch Doubles

And if that wasn’t enough posting top scores in Scratch All Events, Russell  placed first with 2,242 and Michael sixth (2,171) and Chris Bolosan was second in Scratch All Events with 2,171.

Handicap Regular Team 901 and Up in second place was  BVLERS #2  with a total score of 3,692 with Greg Tschupp,  Mecos Claude,  Mikey York,  Donald Summers,  Mike Spellman.



Scratch Double s, as mention above Russell Anderson and  Michael Heath (1,476) came in first with  Edward Pitcavage and Jeffrey Campbell third (1,445). Handicap Regular Doubles 361 an d Up  in fourth  Ashley and Josh White rolled   1,571 and in eight place  the duo of  Wayne and  Joshua Ford  ( 1,552). Handicap Classic Doubles 360 and Below Bett y and Bobby Christine came in fourth with 1,629. Handicap Classic Singles 180 and Below second place Travis Bryant with a total score of 900.

VPUSBC Bowlers brought home over $10,000 in prize money from the event!
Virginia State USBC 2016 Open Tournament Standings


Virginia Peninsula Top Scores

• Handicap Regular Team 901 and Up

2nd place BVLERS #2 3,692
7th place MBW #1  3,606


•   Scratch Team

1-MBW #1 3,516
3-Kuug Pow 3,272
5- BVLERS #2 3242
7-MBW #5 3,215


• Handicap Regular Doubles 361 and Up

4- Ashley White and Josh   White  1,571
8- Wayne  Ford and  Joshua  Ford  1,552


• Handicap Classic Doubles 360 and Below

4- Betty and Bobby Christine  1,629


• Scratch Doubles

1- Russell A Anderson / Michael E Heath, 1,476
3 – Edward W Pitcavage  Jr / Jeffrey J  Campbell,  1,445


• Handicap Classic Singles 180 and Below

2 -Bryant, Travis S 900


• Scratch Singles

Tied for 10th with 747 Michael E Heath  and  Russell A Anderson


• Regular All Events 181 and Up, Handicapped

7 – Aaron L  Riggleman,   Jr   2,313


• Classic All Events 180 and Below

3 -Travis S Bryant  2,519


Scratch All Events

1 -Anderson, Russell A 2,242
2 – Chris L  Bolosan,    2,199
6 –  Michael E Heath  2,171




2016 Hampton Roads District High School Tournament

2016 Hampton Roads District High School Tournament by Mary Pancoas


The Peninsula HS League had an exciting finish this season. It all began with a roll off for fourth and fifth place as two teams in the Handicap Division of the league finished with the exact same Win/Loss points record. As the season ended, there was only a four point difference between the fifth and the first place teams.

We had a really tight top five teams this year. The team from Menchville that secured first place, the Monarch Spares was the last place team from last season! Team members from the first place team this season are Caylyn Cook, Emily Chandler and Ben Rawles from Menchville HS. They are all underclassman and will be back to defend their title next season.

High Average in the league this year went to Jason Curtis, Grafton HS 182 and Tacoma Mendelsohn Grafton HS 152. Most Improved bowlers were Tucker Gummo from Tabb HS and Caitlyn Huggard from Gloucester HS.

High Handicap Series was rolled by Jacob Bean (820) from Menchville HS and Caitlyn Huggard (797) from Gloucester HS. Sean Ryan (670) Gloucester HS and Traci Hurst (550) Menchville HS shot the High Scratch Series and Jason Curtis Grafton HS (242) and Elizabeth SImmons (190) Gloucester HS had the High Scratch Games.

Scholarships were awarded to Dawson Maier, Kecoughtan HS 1st Place, Triston Sadles, Poquoson HS, 2nd Place, Juan Breckenridge Grafton HS, 3rd Place, Marcus Silas, Grafton HS 4th, Justin Meyers, Gloucester HS 5th Place and Austin Serio Grafton HS 6th Place. Morgan Cooper from Gloucester HS secured High Average, Most Improved and High Scratch Series for girls, Dawson Maier secured High Average and the High Scratch Series for boys. Donavan Larsen from Grafton HS won the High Scratch Game and Most Improved award for the boys division.

We had a roll off for the first time in the Scratch Division this year. The top four bowlers competed in a PBA style step ladder for an additional $50.00 in scholarship. The winner, Marcus Silas climbed up the ladder from the fourth position to win it all. In all of his matches, he shot every game over 200, he made a crazy five pin split in the 10th frame of the third match and beat Dawson Maier, the league leader in the final match 278-257. All of these scores were shot on a tough competitive sports pattern!

North vs. South H.S. Bowling Championships

The first place team from AMF York and Sparetimes competed in the fourth annual North vs. South Peninsula High School Bowling Championships.

For the first time in area history the team from the North, AMF York, the Monarch Spares (Menchville H.S.) beat the first place team from the South. It was a best out of three match and it came down to the last frame of the third game for the team from Menchville to win by just one pin!

Team members from Menchville were Caylyn Cook, Emily Chandler and Ben Rawles. Members of the team from Sparetimes were Alexa Herndon, Cole Herndon and Alexandra Andersen. Next season, the first place team from AMF York will host these championships at their center for the very first time.

2016 VPUSBC Women’s 62nd Championship Tourament

The 2016 Virginia Peninsula USBC Women’s Championship Tournament was held at Village Lanes in Gloucester, Virginia May 7-8 and 14-15, 2016.

As always the Ladies put on an excellent show with many division decided by a single pin  fall and they have a blast during the tournament, we are always impressed with the skill and fun nature of our ladies during these events.

Team 620 Ave and Up, Handicapped first place was decided by one pin with Candi Culbreth, Sara DiScioscia, Donna Haynes and Dawn Campbell with a total of 2,760 edging out second place Barbara Brown, Marylyne Brown, Bobbie Brown and Jerylyne Phillips (2,759).

Team 619 Ave and Below, Handicapped Dawn Vargo,  Denise  Seber, Sandra Cunningham, and Lynn Sykes with a total of 2,776 beat out second place team of Patricia Robbins,  Teresa Wydra,  Barbara Heath and Barbara Massie  ( 2,760) by just 17 pins. Third place with a score of  2,750 Linda  Constable, Joyce Jenkins, Mary Eagle and  Grace Rowe.

Doubles 310 Ave and Up, Handicapped  Karen Hogge and  Hannah Lewellen teamed up to roll in to first place with  1,431, Second Donna  Gaddis and Jennifer Cook  (1,391) and ten pin back in third   Joylene Chappell  and Kris Butz  ( 1,381).

Doubles 309 and Below, Handicapped in first place with a total of 1,461  Diane Bigbie and  Holly  Lacombe, second place Amanda  Rhodes and Shannon Lopez,   (1,441)  and Vicky Schmidt and Noy Zicopula teaming up to roll 1,386.

Doubles Scratch Division Joylene Chappell  and Kris Butz  ran away with first place shooting 1,195  with Candi Culbreth and Sara DiScioscia 68 pins back in second  (1,127) and in third
Donna Haynes and Dawn Campbell  (1,107).

Singles 155 Ave and Up, Handicapped was another runaway with Holly Grasz totaling  777 beating second place  Marylyne  Brown (712) by   65 pins and ten pins behind her was Jerylyne Phillips (702).

Singles 154 and Below, Handicapped was a close event with Deseree Bain coming out on top with 796,  Patti Lomele second (776) and a close third was Lynne Schofield just five pins back with 771


The Singles Scratch Division was very competitive with Sara DiScioscia and Dawn Campbell tied for first place  rolling 621. Shame we can’t have a roll off that would be a great heads up match!  Candi Culbreth came in third (596) and  Kris Butz fourth (555).


All-Events 155 Ave and Up, Handicapped Holly Grasz  with a total pin fall (2,155) came in first, Marylyne Brown second (2,121) and third  Estelle Wilson (2,087).

The All-Events 154 Ave and Below, Handicapped was close with Deseree Bain (2,194) edged out  Katarina Beaulac ( 2,182) by  12 pins.In third  Patti Lomele with a total of  2,154.

Scratch All-Events again found the duo of Dawn Campbell and Sara DiScioscia battling it out for first place with Dawn Campbell (1,819) edging out Sara DiScioscia (1,806) by 13 pins, third place with a total pin-fall of 1,772 Candi Culbreth.




TOP 5 all Divisions:

  Team 620 Ave and Up, Handicapped

1)   Culbreth, Candi P / DiScioscia, Sara R/Haynes, Donna C / Campbell, Dawn 2,760
2 )   Brown, Barbara A / Brown, Marylyne /Brown, Bobbie J / Phillips, Jerylyne  2,759
3)  Chappell, Joylene L / Butz, Kristina K/Shuler, Karen E / Brubaker, Renee    2,697
4)    Hogge, Karen E / Lewellen, Hannah H/White, Teresa L / Casetta, Elana A    2,695
5)   Ketch, Lana J / Daniel, Melody A/Lomele, Patti L / Marshall, Carolyn R    2,685


Team 619 Ave and Below, Handicapped
1)  Vargo, Dawn M / Seber, Denise L/Cunningham, Sandra L / Sykes, Lynn   2,776

2)   Robbins, Patricia A / Wydra, Teresa/Heath, Barbara E / Massie, Barbara  2,760

3)   Constable, Linda L / Jenkins, Joyce C/Eagle, Mary P / Rowe, Grace T      2,750

4)  Frank, Audrey J / Woodard, Edna M/Martin, Bobbie J / Jessie, Rebecca H    2,733

5)  Schmidt, Vicky L / Zicopula, Noy/Beaulac, Katarina M / Yannitello,Pamela     2,725



Doubles 310 Ave and Up, Handicapped
1)  Hogge, Karen E / Lewellen, Hannah H 1,431
2)  Gaddis, Donna L / Cook, Jennifer S 1,391
3)  Chappell, Joylene L / Butz, Kristina K 1,381
4)  Ketch, Lana J / Daniel, Melody A 1,372
5 ) White, Teresa L / Casetta, Elana A 1,351


Doubles 309 and Below, Handicapped

1)  Bigbie, Diane L / Lacombe, Holly J 1,461
2)  Rhodes, Amanda B / Lopez, Shannon 1,441
3)  Schmidt, Vicky L / Zicopula, Noy 1,386
4)  Beaulac, Katarina M / Yannitello,Pamela K 1,385
5)  Constable, Linda L / Jenkins, Joyce C 1,381


Doubles Scratch Division, Scratch

1)  Chappell, Joylene L / Butz, Kristina K 1,195
2)  Culbreth, Candi P / DiScioscia, Sara R 1,127
3)  Haynes, Donna C / Campbell, Dawn N 1,107
4)  Shuler, Karen E / Brubaker, Renee L 1,065
5)  Powell, Stacey / Austin, Joni L 1,058



Singles, Singles 155 Ave and Up, Handicapped

1)  Grasz, Holly J 777
2)  Brown, Marylyne D 712
3)  Phillips, Jerylyne N 702
4)  Wilson, Estelle S 700
5)  McAbee, Traci J 699


Singles 154 and Below, Handicapped

1)  Bain, Deseree R 796
2)  Lomele, Patti L 776
3)  Schofield, Lynne A 771
4)  Hatchett, Denise 741
5)  Gaddis, Donna L 731


Singles Scratch Division, Scratch

1)  DiScioscia, Sara R 621
1)  Campbell, Dawn N 621
3)  Culbreth, Candi P 596
4)  Butz, Kristina K 555
5)  Haynes, Donna C 552
6)  Brubaker, Renee L 532



All-Events 155 Ave and Up, Handicapped

1)  Grasz, Holly J 2,155
2)  Brown, Marylyne D 2,121
3)  Wilson, Estelle S 2,087
4)  Hill, Mary J 2,085
5)  Savage, Margaret G 2,079

All-Events 154 Ave and Below, Handicapped

1)  Bain, Deseree R 18 2,194
2)  Beaulac, Katarina M 2,182
3)  Lomele, Patti L 2,154
4)  Schofield, Lynne A 2,136
5)  Constable, Linda L 2,135

All-Events, Scratch All-Events, Scratch

1)  Campbell, Dawn N 1,819
2)  DiScioscia, Sara R 1,806
3)  Culbreth, Candi P 1,772
4)  Brubaker, Renee L 1,708
5)  Butz, Kristina K 1,695