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Local, State and National Tournaments

2016 Virginia State USBC 64th Annual Open Tournament

The 2016 Virginia State USBC 64th Annual Open Tournament was held in South Boston and Danville  Virginia from April 30th to June 12th 2016. Virginia Peninsula USBC was well represented at the State Open Tournament with several of our bowlers placing very well.


McCorvey’s Bowling World #1  with teammates Russell Anderson (277-214-247 for 738), Chris Hayes (300-191-221 for a 712) Jason Hice (211-223-181 for 615), Michael Heath (217-239-249 for 705) and Terrance White (269-245-232 for 746) for a series total of 3516 in Scratch Team.


300Congratulations  to Chris Hayes rolling a perfect score of 300 in game one of  Scratch Team at the  Va State Open Tournament.


Michael Heath and Russell Anderson also came in first place in the Scratch Doubles with 1,476. Scratch Singles Russell and Michael  tied for 10th with 747 series. Russell Anderson also rolled an 11 in a row 298 game one of Scratch Doubles

And if that wasn’t enough posting top scores in Scratch All Events, Russell  placed first with 2,242 and Michael sixth (2,171) and Chris Bolosan was second in Scratch All Events with 2,171.

Handicap Regular Team 901 and Up in second place was  BVLERS #2  with a total score of 3,692 with Greg Tschupp,  Mecos Claude,  Mikey York,  Donald Summers,  Mike Spellman.



Scratch Double s, as mention above Russell Anderson and  Michael Heath (1,476) came in first with  Edward Pitcavage and Jeffrey Campbell third (1,445). Handicap Regular Doubles 361 an d Up  in fourth  Ashley and Josh White rolled   1,571 and in eight place  the duo of  Wayne and  Joshua Ford  ( 1,552). Handicap Classic Doubles 360 and Below Bett y and Bobby Christine came in fourth with 1,629. Handicap Classic Singles 180 and Below second place Travis Bryant with a total score of 900.

VPUSBC Bowlers brought home over $10,000 in prize money from the event!
Virginia State USBC 2016 Open Tournament Standings


Virginia Peninsula Top Scores

• Handicap Regular Team 901 and Up

2nd place BVLERS #2 3,692
7th place MBW #1  3,606


•   Scratch Team

1-MBW #1 3,516
3-Kuug Pow 3,272
5- BVLERS #2 3242
7-MBW #5 3,215


• Handicap Regular Doubles 361 and Up

4- Ashley White and Josh   White  1,571
8- Wayne  Ford and  Joshua  Ford  1,552


• Handicap Classic Doubles 360 and Below

4- Betty and Bobby Christine  1,629


• Scratch Doubles

1- Russell A Anderson / Michael E Heath, 1,476
3 – Edward W Pitcavage  Jr / Jeffrey J  Campbell,  1,445


• Handicap Classic Singles 180 and Below

2 -Bryant, Travis S 900


• Scratch Singles

Tied for 10th with 747 Michael E Heath  and  Russell A Anderson


• Regular All Events 181 and Up, Handicapped

7 – Aaron L  Riggleman,   Jr   2,313


• Classic All Events 180 and Below

3 -Travis S Bryant  2,519


Scratch All Events

1 -Anderson, Russell A 2,242
2 – Chris L  Bolosan,    2,199
6 –  Michael E Heath  2,171





19th Annual Virginia Peninsula USBC Seniors Tournament

VPUSBC_SRThe 19th Annual Virginia Peninsula USBC Seniors Handicap Tournament was held at Sparetime on December 5th and 6th 2015.

Starting with the Team division in 1st place were the “First Timers”, Louis Armstrong, Ross Griffin,Tom Blount and Mark Parks, with a total score of 2868 and 21 pins back in second place “Century Lanes #2” (2847) Mickey York, Michael Spellman,Harold Gonzales and Donald Summers.

The Open Doubles event Davis Smith Jr. and Jeffrey Thompson teamed together to roll and impressive 1558 with second place Louis Armstrong and Ross Griffin with a total of 1506.

Competition was tight in the Open Singles 50 to 59 age VPUSBC_LARGE_200division with Louis Armstrong coming out on top with 756 total pin fall, second Mark Parks (754) John Banicky (744) and Tarcie Milloy (730).

Open Singles 60 to 69 age division we find Sam Smith in first place with 773, second Frank Garner (769) Bobby Winfree Sr (760) and Warren Kitts (748).

Open Singles 70 to 99 age division was a fight for first place with just nine pins determining first place, Fred Mullins came out on top with 749,Ann Ambler second with 740, third Frank Simmons third (708). The 70 to 99 Division was our largest with 29 bowlers competing.

All Events 50 to 59 Division was really a shoot out with Louis Armstrong (1460) first place, Jeffery Thompson (1450) second, Michael Spellman (1445) third and fourth Kevin Morris (1440).

All Events 60 to 69 Division Frank Garner came out on top with 1504, second Sam Smith (1450), third Arthur Reynolds third (1419) and fourth Michael Brown (1413).

All Events 70 to 99 Division Fred Mullins first (1485) Barry Sprouse second (1462), Cecile Holmes third (1450) and fourth Wallace Grainer (1435).


The Women’s Team event Team #2 came in first  place, members Sharon Davis, Donna Caldwell, Holley Grasz and Rena Souza with a score of 2729.

The Women’s Double event found Barbara Johnson and Stacy Calhoun rolling 1452 with Donna Caldwell and Holly Myers in second place.

Women Singles 50 to 59 Division first place Sharon Davis (705) Second Donna Caldwell (686 and third Vicky Schmidt (677).

Women Singles 60 to 69 Division first place Grace Urbanowicz 761 and in the Women’s Singles 70 to 99 Division Barbara Johnson first place (710 and Mary Rauch second (606).


50 to 59 Division first place Donna Caldwell (1357) second Renna Souza (1334) and third Vickey Schmidt (1319).In the 60 to 69 Division Grace Urbanowicz (1347) and the 70 to 99 Division Barbara Johnson frist place (1421) and second Mary Rauch (1264).

Complete official results and payout

VPUSBC YOUTH Excel at 2015 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Championships

The PEPSICHAMPLOGO2015 Virginia State USBC Pepsi Youth Championships were held April 11th through May 3rd at AMF Hanover Lanes in Mechanicsville, Virginia. The tournament is  ALL scratch in ALL divisions and the top bowlers from each of the divisions will advance to the National Junior Gold tournament in Chicago.

Once again our local youth bowlers performed well in many divisions:

3rd Chase Glazier, Sparetimes with a 107 average  136, 113, 159 (408)

3rd place Siani Sheppard, Village Lanes with a 83 average 112, 131, 141 (384)

9th place Makenna Tate, AMF York with a 82 average 103, 120 and 102 (325)


5th Nathan Jones,  SpareTimes with a 133 average 156 158 160 (474 )


3rd Payten Gary, SpareTimes with a 116 average 140, 92, 170  (402)
5th  Crawford, Dylan SpareTimes with a 111 average 133 117 126 (376)

5th  Logan Ballowe,  AMF York 171 average with games of 170,208,173 (551) and 189, 189, 172 (550) 1101 total
5th Kynedi Crawford,   SpareTimes, 125 164 145 146 (455) 170 150 131 (451) total 906

7th Peneeta Wojcik,   SpareTimes, 145 average 136 181 162 (479) 118 149 152 (419) total 898

8th Skylar Tenan,   AMF York, 161 average 127 158 135 (420) 156 159 150 (465) total 885
3rd  Dawson Maier,   SpareTimes 230 average 225 263 223 (711) 195 289 220 (704) total 1415.

13th Juan Breckenridge,   AMF York 198 average 172 234 238 (644) 224 236 224 total 1328


The Virginia Peninsula USBC would like to congratulate all our Youth Bowlers for an outstanding performance and representing all of us in the VPUSBC we’re very proud of each of you!

Those name in bold indicate scholarship money won

OFFICIAL Results for the Pepsi Youth Championships:



2015 Virginia Peninsula USBC Women’s Tournament

The 2015 Virginia Peninsula USBC Women’s Tournament was held at Sparetimes in Hampton over the weeks of May 9th – 17th.

Team Classic (620 and up) Handicap in 1st Place were Joy Chappel, Kris Butz, Karen Shuler and Renee Brubaker with a total score of 2827 out scoring the second place team of Lisa Saitta, Anna Laughlin, Jennifer Snell and Mary Tabor-McCabe by 145 scoring 2682.

In the Team Regular (619 and Below) Handicap in 1st place with a total pin count of 2850 Tracy Pastella, Bonnie Steep, Amy Means and Donna Gaddis and in second place the team of Stacy Calhoun, Gladys Little,Brenda Hubbard and Adele Dudley with 2,785.

 Double Events
1_sm_pinIn the Double events Classic (310 and up) Handicap Sara DiScioscia and Ammanda Tate rolled a combined 1505 out shooting second place Angel Ferris and Diane Dye with 1431. Doubles Regular (309 and up) Handicap in 1st place were Marcia Strickland and Kristen Kornacki with 1474 and four pins behind them with 1470 the team of Diana Clark and Antoinette and thrid place another four pins back Brenda Hubbard and Adele Dudley.

Double Classic Scratch Sara DiScioscia and Ammanda Tate once again top the field with a 1289 with the Mother Daughter team of Susan and Rebecca Glazier coming in 2nd with a score of 1,209 and third Joy Chappell and Kris Butz with 1186.

Singles Events

Re1_sm_pincapping the Singles we start with the Classic 155 and above finding Lisa Saitta in 1st place with 767, second Lora Tabor 753 and Ammanda Tate 746.Regular 154 and below 1st place Geray Mccaywith 798, 2nd place Katie Beaulac 777 and 3rd Sarah Bercaw 743.

Singles 155 and above Scratch Karen Shular with 625 series takes 1st Place closely followed by Amanda Tate with 617 and Sara DiScioscia with a 614.

All Events

The All Events Classbowling_clipart_playeric 155 and above Handicap was won by Amanda Tate with a total pin-fall of 2135 with Darlene James 35 pins back with 2099 and 5 pins from her in 3rd Bobbie Brown with 2094.

Regular 154 and below Handicap Antointte Crespo with a total pin-fall of 2172, in second Tracy Pastella 2161 and 3rd Debbie Myers 2152.

Scratch 155 and above Rebecca Glazier came out on top with a total of 1882 averaging 209.11 for 3 series, Renee Brubaler 2nd averaging 205.88 with a total pin-fall of 1853, Sara DiScioscia with a total  of 1828 came in 3rd averaging 203.11 for 9 games.


2015 VPUSBC Open Tournament

The 2015 VPUSBC Open  Championship Tournament was held May 9th – 17th, 2015 at Sparetimes in Hampton.



Handicap Division


Team Handicap:

1_sm_pinFred Phillips (577), Emie Stoudt (588) , Steve Stoudt (585) and Martin Lemanski (587) came in 1st place with a combined score with handicap of 3006.

Second place with a total combined pin-fall  of 2972 with handicap was Diana Clark (358), Gloria Henderson (527), John Confalone (698) and Stephen Edmonds rolling a pair of 279’s and a 252 for an 810 series

 In third place Joshua Curtis, Casey McCrea, Karel Curtis and Joe Curtis combined to roll a total of 2893.

Double Handicap:
 Cecil Holmes and Arthur B. Reynolds came in 1st place with 1668, 47 pins back in second Casey McCrea and Joshua Curtis (1621) and third place with 1587 Travis Turbin and Andrew Felmeten.

Singles Handicap:
1st place Casey McCrea (837), 2nd Chris Eskridge (807), 3rd Alex Smith (804), 4th Theresa T. Milloy (792) and 5th Joe Curtis (781).

All Events Handicap:
1st place was Casey McCrea with a total pinfall of 2523, 2nd Cecil Holmes (2329) and 3rd Andrew Felmeten (2311) 4th Arthur Reynolds (2265) and in 5th Fred Phillips (2243).

Scratch Division


 Scratch Team:
1_sm_pinTravis Turbin, Andrew Felmeten, Lance Lezotte and Ranolph Wojcik came in 1st place with a total pin-fall of 2598, 2nd place with 2509 was the BVLers #2 with Gregory A. Tschupp, Mickey York, Donald D. Summers and Mike Spellman.

 Scratch Doubles:
Coming out on top in the Scratch doubles were the team of Travis Turbin and Andrew Felmeten with a score of 1428, 2nd Barry Sprouse and Joe Corbett rolled 1386 and Kevin A. Morris and Michael Crawley in 3rd place with a total of 1361

Scratch Singles:
Tyrone Wiggins had a great performance at the Open with games of 268,247,198 for a series of 713 to take 1st place in the Scratch Singles with Andrew Pancoast second (235,219,235 – 689) and John Banicky 3rd with games of 180,248,242 and a series of 670.

Scratch All Events:
Andrew Felmeten with a total pinfall of 2077 took 1st place in the ALL EVENTS Scratch division followed by John Confalone (2035) second, Barry Sprouse thrid (2008) fourth Joe Corbett (2000) and in fifth Stephen Edmonds with a total pinfall of 1995.
We would like to thank all our bowlers for making this years VPUSBC Open Tournament a success and look forward to next year!
2015 VPUSBC OPEN Prize List:


2015 Virginia State USBC Women’s Tournament

The Virginia State USBC Women’s Tournament was held March 28th to April 26th, 2015 with the team event held at BOWL AMERICA BULL RUN in Manassas and the Double and Singles at BOWL AMERICA CHANTILLY.

Once again our Lady VPUSBC bowlers rose to the top with several great finishes.

Kat Goodstein, Karel Curtis, Michelle Porter and Sheil Hazelgrove combined to score 3096 taking 1st place in the Team, Regular (603 and Below), Handicapped and 4th in Team, Scratch with a score of 2578.

bowling_clipart_playerKat Goodstein and Karel Curtis also came in 6th place rolling 1522 in the Doubles, Regular (301 and Below)  , Handicapped Division with Karel also taking individual honors with a 1st place in the Singles, Classic (151 and Above) Handicapped  shooting 883 and she placed 4th with a combined score of 2471 in the All Events, Classic (151 and Up), Handicapped division.

In 4th place in the Team Scratch division with a scorer of 2578 were Donna Haynes, Dawn Campbell, Renee Smith and Sara DiScioscia, they also placed 12th  in  Team, Classic (604 and Above), Handicapped division with a score of 3,007.

Scratch Doubles we find in 8th place Karen Shuler and Renee Brubaker with a score of 1,273.

All Events, Regular (150 and Under), Handicapped found another VPUSBC bowler Ava Dorman  placing in 7th with a total score of 2340.

2015 Virginia State USBC 58th Annual Women’s Tournament Final Standings



VPUSBC Bowlers Excel at Virginia State USBC 62nd Annual Open Championship Tournament

Virginia State USBC  62nd Annual  Open Tournament

The 2014 Virginia State USBC  Open Championship Tournament was hosted by the Greater Richmond USBC with the Team events at AMF Hanover Lva_state1_70anes, Mechanicsville VA and Double & Singles events at AMF Shrader Lanes, Richmond, VA from May 17 through June 15, 2014


Highlights from the tournament were in the  Scratch Doubles  with the VPUSBC members coming in 1st, 2nd and 4th place with John Minnick  from York and Vernon Griffin  out of the Tidewater USBC,teaming up to roll a combined total scratch of 1472 to take 1st with  Russell Anderson from Hampton and Michael Heath  from Chesapeake 20 pins back with 1,452  for second and Sara DiScioscia and Chris Bolosan  not far behind  them with a total of 1,434 for fourth place just 14 sticks from making it a 1-2-3 finish, just amazing bowling!


Virginia Peninsula USBC bowlers racked up a Hat Trick of 2ndbowler_male places in Team Events and had a strong showing starting with Scratch Team in 2nd place  Mc’Corveys Bowling World ,  Russell Anderson,  Michael Heath,  Chris “Anyway” Hayes,  Jason Hice, and  Terrance White  with the team average of 226.93  for a total pin-fall of  3,404 pins.

Regular Team 901 and Up, Handicapped 2nd Place Hampton One made up of  VPUSBC bowlers William J. Hammond Jr., Robert Maker, Keith Hare, Emrett Gray and Nat Braxton  with a total handicap score of  3747  just 14 pins short of first, VPUSBC team Star Maker 5 came in 19th place.

Classic Team 900 and Below, Handicapped in 2nd  Place Hampton Two with Curtis McLean, James L. Williams Jr., Alonzo Marshall, Fritz Jones and
Roger Winston scored   3,697 with handicap ,  23 pins out of first place. Filling out the top 20 in the Classic division from Virginia Peninsula, tied for 18th Couch Potatoes and 20th Aches & Pains.

It’s safe to say that Hampton One & Two are bowling  friends and that’s how we all should go to Tournaments!

Regular Doubles – 361 and Up Handicap John Minnick and his partner Vernon Griffin (1,547)  came in 8th Place and not far behind in 10th place Cecil H. Holmes and Jerry K Brown just 5 pins behind them with 1542.


In the Handicap Classic All Events 180 and Below in 8th Place David McAbee rolled a combined with handicap 2,346 and in the Scratch All Events  Michael Heath in 5th place with 2,183 and Vernon Griffin 11th with 2,116.


In Scratch Singles Greg Tschupp rolled a solid  770 series to take  4th Place just 26 pins out of first place and  in Handicap Classic Singles 180 and Below  placing third   David McAbee with  at total with handicap of 873.



Virginia State USBC 2014 Open Tournament Standings


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