2016 Hampton Roads District High School Tournament

2016 Hampton Roads District High School Tournament by Mary Pancoas


The Peninsula HS League had an exciting finish this season. It all began with a roll off for fourth and fifth place as two teams in the Handicap Division of the league finished with the exact same Win/Loss points record. As the season ended, there was only a four point difference between the fifth and the first place teams.

We had a really tight top five teams this year. The team from Menchville that secured first place, the Monarch Spares was the last place team from last season! Team members from the first place team this season are Caylyn Cook, Emily Chandler and Ben Rawles from Menchville HS. They are all underclassman and will be back to defend their title next season.

High Average in the league this year went to Jason Curtis, Grafton HS 182 and Tacoma Mendelsohn Grafton HS 152. Most Improved bowlers were Tucker Gummo from Tabb HS and Caitlyn Huggard from Gloucester HS.

High Handicap Series was rolled by Jacob Bean (820) from Menchville HS and Caitlyn Huggard (797) from Gloucester HS. Sean Ryan (670) Gloucester HS and Traci Hurst (550) Menchville HS shot the High Scratch Series and Jason Curtis Grafton HS (242) and Elizabeth SImmons (190) Gloucester HS had the High Scratch Games.

Scholarships were awarded to Dawson Maier, Kecoughtan HS 1st Place, Triston Sadles, Poquoson HS, 2nd Place, Juan Breckenridge Grafton HS, 3rd Place, Marcus Silas, Grafton HS 4th, Justin Meyers, Gloucester HS 5th Place and Austin Serio Grafton HS 6th Place. Morgan Cooper from Gloucester HS secured High Average, Most Improved and High Scratch Series for girls, Dawson Maier secured High Average and the High Scratch Series for boys. Donavan Larsen from Grafton HS won the High Scratch Game and Most Improved award for the boys division.

We had a roll off for the first time in the Scratch Division this year. The top four bowlers competed in a PBA style step ladder for an additional $50.00 in scholarship. The winner, Marcus Silas climbed up the ladder from the fourth position to win it all. In all of his matches, he shot every game over 200, he made a crazy five pin split in the 10th frame of the third match and beat Dawson Maier, the league leader in the final match 278-257. All of these scores were shot on a tough competitive sports pattern!

North vs. South H.S. Bowling Championships

The first place team from AMF York and Sparetimes competed in the fourth annual North vs. South Peninsula High School Bowling Championships.

For the first time in area history the team from the North, AMF York, the Monarch Spares (Menchville H.S.) beat the first place team from the South. It was a best out of three match and it came down to the last frame of the third game for the team from Menchville to win by just one pin!

Team members from Menchville were Caylyn Cook, Emily Chandler and Ben Rawles. Members of the team from Sparetimes were Alexa Herndon, Cole Herndon and Alexandra Andersen. Next season, the first place team from AMF York will host these championships at their center for the very first time.