Association Manager’s Report

Association Manager’s Report – Annual Meeting June 7th, 2015


The USBC member count show us with 3390 paid bowlers in the VPUSBC for 2014 / 2015. This does not include the bowlers paying local dues only which there are 30 bowlers giving us a total membership of 3420.


The 3420 bowlers in this association have received 363 total VPUSBC awards this season.In addition, there have been honor scores reported to the USBC totaling 93 (300’s) and 51 (800’s). There would have been more awards but some leagues did not turn in award applications.

Breakdown of Local Awards:sweep

All Spares 3
Triplicate 15
Dutch 200 7
7-10 Split 6
Clean Sweep 34
160 avg or less 7_10POA Game 64
161 avg + POA Game 28
160 avg or less POS Series 148
161 avg+ POS Series 58
700 shirts 32


Submitted by:

Beverly Hamrick Association Manager

June 7th, 2015