Change to VPUSBC Adults Pins Over Awards

VPUSBC NEWS – 8/12.2013


Starting this year the Adults Pins over Average and Pins over Series will change.

The past award format was Game Pins over average was ba100_Pins_Over_Averagesed on plus 100 pins, the new award format will have a breakdown by average with 160 and below having to roll 75+ pins for the award and 161 and above averages will need 100+ pins to earn the Lapel Pin.


150_Pins_Over_AverageThe Pins over Average Series will have the same format as above with 160 and below averages rolling 75+ pins over series and 161 and above scoring 100+ pins over series to earn the VPUSBC key ring.


This change in format will allow more of our Bowlers to qualify for these awards.




• Game : Lapel Pin
• 160 avg & below game must be + 75 Pins
• 161 avg & above game must be + 100 Pins

• Series : Key Ring
• 160 avg & below series must be + 75 Pins
• 161 avg & above series must be + 100 Pins


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