Virginia State USBC 2nd in Nation – BVL

The Virginia State USBC was honored at the recent United Sates Bowling Congress National Convention held the first week in May 2013.

Each year during the conventionanne_tom the Bowler to Veterans Link recognizes the top State and Local Associations for outstanding fund raising for our Veterans, again this year Virginia State USBC is at the top  of the list with only  California  ahead.

The bowlers of Virginia proved their commitment to our Veterans by stepping up and donating   $39,577.78 to BVL.

Accepting on stage during the awards presentations, on behave of the Virginia State USBC, were 1st Vice President Ms. Anne Ray (Virginia Peninsula USBC) and VA STATE Director Mr. Tom Dale (Nation’s Capital Area USBC).

In total contributions to BVL for the 11-12 year:

California  $142,187.02

Virginia     $39,577.78

Georgia    $33,954.00

Minnesota   $23,801.93

Texas      $21,940.59

For the third year in a row Minneapolis USBC topped the list of most successful local associations. The complete top five list is as follows:

1. Minneapolis $20,000.00
2. Citrus Belt (CA) USBC $16,456.00
3. Nation’s Capital Area (DC) USBC $14,274.11
4. Orange County (CA) USBC $10,000.00
5. West Valley (OR) USBC $8,503.47

vpusbc_v4_smThe VPUSBC BVL Fund raised $5,000.00 in 2007/ 2008 and $6,000.00 in 2008/2009 but last year we raised under $3000 for our Veterans. Each year the Association holds a BVL Fund Raiser to support our Veterans, attendance is low, we have many great Leagues that support this cause, the Anheuser Busch bowling league has always been at the front supporting our Veterans, Century Lanes holds monthly BVL NO TAP tournaments, we encourage all our bowlers to show our Veterans we support them.

We all know a Veteran, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Irag or Afghanistan, Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Family. You can raise donations in their names to Support all Veterans.


BVL_webWe understand the great sacrifices America’s service men and women have made for our freedoms. We want to help you honor them for their service. We are proud to say that Virginia Peninsula USBC is supporting the Bowlers to Veterans Link charity to support our active duty troops and veterans.

BVL provides recreation and sports programs that brighten the days of our troops on the front lines and those recovering in VA hospitals. Please join with us to show our service men and women that we remember their sacrifice and that we care about their service to our country.

Being a Military Community we all know the sacrifices our Men and Women make.

*The Bowlers to Veterans Link is a nonprofit charitable organization which raises about $1 million annually to fund a variety of recreational equipment and therapeutic supplies for America’s Veterans.

Will you Support Our VETERANS?



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