Local Bowler reaches 30 year mark at USBC Open Championship

bm_6Virginia Peninsula USBC bowler Mr Bill Mounger has reached a milestone in bowling!

This year will be his 30th trip to the United States Bowling Congress Open Championship tournament in Reno Nevada.

Bill was recognized by the USBC during the Meeting before his 3:00 PM squad  on Wednesday, April 17th and presented a plaque to honor him, his dedication to the sport of bowling.



Since 1984 Bill has participated in every USBC Open tournament held staring in Reno, NV. the list of cities and states are impressive.

1984 Reno, NVbm_3

1985 Tulsa, OK

1986 Las Vegas, NV

1987 Niagara Falls, NY

1988 Jacksonville, FL

1989 Wichita, KS

1990 Reno, NV

1991 Toledo, OH

1992 Corpus Christi, TX

1993 Tulsa, OK

1994 Mobile, ALbm_4

1995 Reno, NV

1996 Salt Lake City, UT

1997 Huntsville, AL

1998 Reno, NV

1999 Syracuse, NY

2000 Albuquerque, NM

2001 Reno, NV

2002 Billings, MT

2003 Knoxville, TN

2004 Reno, NVbm_5

2005 Baton Rouge, LA

2006 Corpus Christi, TX

2007 Reno, NV

2008 Albuquerque, NM

2009 Las Vegas, NV

2010 Reno, NV

2011 Reno, NV

2012 Baton Rouge, LA

2013 Reno, NV




We’ll have more on Bill’s 30 year adventure when he return from Reno, please come back for his story.

We could also like to thank Matt Cannizzaro and Aaron Smith and the Staff at the USBC OPEN Tournament,  for taking the photos and forwarding them to VPUSBC.


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