Virginia Peninsula USBC Bowler’s Night Out and Awards Dinner

The annual Virginia Peninsula USBC Awards Dinner, Bowlers Night Out, was held on April 6th 2013 at Crowne Plaza Hampton-Marina in Downtown Hampton.

Cocktails and Social hour started at 6:00 P.M. and dinner was served at 7:00 P.M. followed by the Award Presentation.

Opening remarks were made by Mr. Howard Marchant  followed by Virginia Peninsula USBC President Mr. Bill Binks who introduced the current members of the VPUSBC Board of Directors.

The Awards program started off with Association Manager Mrs Betty Watlet presenting the first Al Watlet Meritorious Service Award, named in honor of Mr Al Watlet who had served as Association Manger to the VPUSBC and the Hampton Roads Bowling Association until his pasting in 2012 the  recipient  was Mr. Gary Woods.

Photos Bowlers Night Out –


Bowl for the Cure

February is traditionally Bowl for the Cure month and centers and leagues were asked  to hold fund raisers including 50/50s, raffles.

This season a “Bobowl_cure_smwl for the Cure” league was started at AMF York Lanes.  More than $2700 was donated from the Bowl for the Cure League!!

Bowl For the Cure Committee member Charlene Osborne reported a  grand total of $4953.07  sent to the Susan G. Komen Bowl for the Cure Fund from the Virginia Peninsula USBC.


Each year Mr Bill Binks as Virginia Peninsula USBC President has the honor to select the VPUSBC Director of the Year and announced this years recipient  Mrs Betty Watlet.

Harry Davis/Harry Sagar Scholarship

Youth Directors Mary and Robert Pancoast presented the Scholarship awards. The Virginia Peninsula USBC first recipient was David Barhite from the Sparetimes Youth League, received $1000 for the first year and it is renewable for $500 for the following three years.

The second recipient, Courtney Stanford from the High School League at AMF York, received $750 and it is renewable for $500 for the following three years.

The  Virginia Peninsula USBC Coach of the Year  was presented by 3rd Vice President Mrs. Laura Favata was awarded to Gary Powell who coaches at Sparetimes in Hampton.

2011 2012 Virginia Peninsula USBC  ALL STAR TEAMS

Men’s All Star Team                                                     Women’s All Star Team

William Glazier                                                                     Kelly Carrington

John Confalone, III                                                                Candi Culbreth

Brian Franklin                                                                      Brandee Dineen

Brandon Smith                                                                     Renee Brubaker

Chris Bolosan                                                                      Sara DiScioscia

Sr Men’s All Star Team                                            Sr Women’s All Star Team

Terry Earnhardt                                                                   Vivian Blunt

Eddie Blunt                                                                         Edith Perrin

Greg Tschupp                                                                      Kathy Tenin

Barry Sprouse                                                                     Jackie McCarthy

Joe Corbett                                                                          Jo Anne Park


Male Youth All Star Team                                       Female Youth All Star Team

Benjamin Cash                                                                 Victoria White

Brandon Franklin                                                               Kimberly Bookman

Alec Manriquez                                                                 Abigail Cole

Wilton Holloway                                                                Jerylyne Phillips

Patrick Spitz                                                                    Elizabeth McCarty

The Association USBC Award of Merit is presented to the person(s) who have the highest 2011 / 2012 Association highest Average / Series.

High Average                                                       High Series

Male Adult:Bill Glazier-241                           Male Adult :Ira Tate, Jr.- 849

Female Adult:Kelly Carrington -218.63          Female Adult:Kelly Carrington -806

Male Youth:Benjamin Cash-212                    Male Youth:Patrick Spitz-800

Female Youth:Kimberly Bookman -171.33    Female Youth:Shelby Traeger- 637

8 Bowlers Inducted into Hall of Fame

Meritorious Service
Robert SlaughterJoe MooreAnne RayMary Plummer

Curt Judson

Gary Woods

Bowling PerformanceBrain Franklin

Jonathan Gary

Nominations for next years class for the Virginia Peninsula USBC Hall of Fame are now being accepted.

The high-lite of the evening was the presentation of the 2011 – 2012 Virginia Peninsula Bowlers of the Year

  • Adult Male – Bill Glazier
  • Adult Female — Kelly Carrington
  • Super Senior Male — Jay Coons
  • Super Senior Female — Bridgette Drake
  • Youth Male — Benjamin Cash
  • Youth Female — Kimberly Bookman

The Members of the Virginia Peninsula USBC, the Officers and Directors congratulates our fellow bowlers on their performance over the year, to those inducted into the Hall of Fame we thank you for your support of the Sport of Bowling.
There were photos taken during the event and we hope to have them soon online.


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