VPUSBC Open Membership Meeting

April 13,2013

The annual Virginia Peninsula USBC Open membership meeting took place at Tabb Library, Saturday April 13th 2012. Attendance suffered due to the warming weather and we encourage all members of the VPUSBC to plan to attend next year, to build a strong association for the next generation of bowler will take the collective work of all of us.

The meeting was called to order by Mr Bil Binks, President of the Virginia Peninsula USBC and Association Manager Mrs.Betty Watlet took a rol call of the Board of Director present followed by Mr. Bill Binks presenting the minutes for the last meeting which were accepted by the membership present.

Mr Bill Binks  Presidents report:

Bill remrked that the Awards program, which was established in 2011, has been well received by the Membership and praised the Ways and Means Committee with the work they have done from VPUSBC logo apparel, vehicle stickers and other assorted items offered for sale at our events.

The VPUSBC conducts two major function a year, in 2012 Bowlers Appreciation Day, know as BAD, was deferred this year and the Board is looking to reformat the event and look for your suggestion on how to improve the experience.

Bowlers Night Out which was held April 6th, 2013 at Crowne Plaza Hampton-Marina in Downtown Hampton with over 200 members attending and deemed a great success by all attending.

The Bowlers Night Out will move to a new date next bowling season being held sometime in the October or November time frame, thus allowing to move the Bowlers Appreciation Day to a Spring date.

This adjustment of the Bowlers Night Out and Bowlers Appreciation Day would move the Hall of Fame Dinner to a late August to September time.


The Association Managers report was then present by Mrs. Betty Watlet:

The USBC Membership stood at 4336  paid members in the VPUSBC, down by approximately 3%  from last year as of April 1.2013.

The Association Manager reported the Association is in excellent Financial shape.


1st Vice President Jim Brooks reported on the Audit/Finance and Lane Inspection Committees, 2rd Vice President Robert Slaughter reported on the Ways and Means, ByLaws and Awards committee’s and 3rd Vice President Laura Favata reported on the Scholarship, Yearbook and Publicity Committees.

The VPUSBC charities:

Bowl for the Cure had a total donations of $4953.07 and this season a new league was started at AMF York, Bowl for the Cure League, raised more than $2700.00.

Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) had a total donation amount of $2819.00


Special Committee reports were given by, Mr Kevin Morris (Hall of Fame), Mrs Betty Watlet (Tournaments and Bowler of the Year), Wayne Ripley (Al Watlet Meritorious Service Award), Bob Pancoast (Youth Committee and Coach of the Year) amd Bill Binks ( State Tournament).

Awards Committee chairman Wayne Ripley report attracted the most interest.

The United States Bowling Congress announced in early March a major overhaul to the awards program that will take effective 2014 – 2015 bowling season.
Only Honor Score awards 800, 300 and 11 in a row awards will be issued. This leaves local Associations in the position to either fund their own awards program or simply not offer awards to replace the USBC Special Achievement Awards, the bag tags and lapel pins for average-based game and series awards, association championship tournament awards, and end-of season league awards.

Mr Robert Pancoast also brought to the memberships attention that starting i the 2013 -2014 season the USBC will also replace patches with printable certificates which he showed an example.

The focus of the meeting then moved to New Business, Election of new Officers and Directors.

Elected to the Board of Directors were:
Cheryl Fensom
Michale Butts
Kevin Morris
John Confalone III

Youth Director
Jim Brooks

1st Vice President
Laura Favata

3rd Vice President
Wayne Ripley

After the elections there was a period of time allotted for questions from the foor, and several discussions about the USBC dropping awards, the upcoming USBC Convention and what direction the VPUSBC awards program may go.

The Meeting was then adjourn by President Mr. Bill Binks.





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